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Tsaritsyno furniture - Russian factory is a manufacturer of modern upholstered furniture. We are one of the leaders in the industry and can say with confidence that by working with us or buying our products, you can be sure we made the right choice.
Our production is based on the principle of the assembly line - it multioperational process where each workstation performs and is responsible for a single operation, allowing us to dramatically increase the quality and quantity of the products and reduce its cost, which is essential to all fans and consumers of our products.
Over the years, our heroic team managed to generate decent and professional team of employees ready to implement any idea or technical innovation in the production of our enterprise. This is extremely important in a time when technological progress is walking by leaps and bounds, and in the Russian and world markets, where there is such competition, every month there are various modern trends of components, fillers, fabrics and accessories for the manufacture of sofas. Our team constantly monitors the appearance of the latest novelties of components with a view to their possible implementation at all stages of production of our factory.
We are focused on the consumer, it is our job, the constant introduction of even the most minor changes in the design of sofas with a view to improving - our main goal, because we want our current and future customer was confident and happy to buy high-quality upholstered furniture from the manufacturer in the city Izhevsk.
Our pilot plant, participating in the development of the model range of the enterprise, take into account such things as ease of location of the consumer on every model of the sofa.
Each workstation is arranged with maximum comfort, which creates a good mood staff, each sofa, released by our factory, made with love and special care. Employees work on a modern high-performance imported equipment that allows them to achieve higher productivity and higher wages, which significantly improves the mood for work, and thus the quality of their work.
During our fruitful work of the factory developed a whole line of sofas straight, angular, U-shaped and sets of folding and folding chairs.
The company's products has been certified and complies with the requirements of GOST furniture for sitting and lying.
Our favorite consumer can buy in the city of Izhevsk factory folding sofas and find a decent product to your liking.

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